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Meet the Snubfin Dolphins: Australia’s very own indigenous dolphin species.

Snubfin Dolphins Of Australia

Snubfin Dolphins Of Australia (Courtesy: Queensland National Parks Facebook)

Great news to all the dolphin lovers! There’s a little-known dolphin species from Australia that’s just a delight to watch.

Though they were first seen in the splashing waters off Northern Australian Coasts, they were mistaken for an isolated group of Irrawaddy Dolphins which they closely resemble.

In 2005, these dolphins were given a separate species identity as the Australian Snubfin Dolphin (Orcaella Heinsohni).

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What is the actual conservation status of the Yangtze River Dolphin today?

The Yangtze River Dolphin

The Yangtze River Dolphin Or Baiji

The Yangtze River Dolphin is also known as the Baiji Dolphin and it’s the rarest of fresh water cetaceans. This is a very unique dolphin species indeed, only found in China’s Yangtze River.

About The Yangtze River Dolphin.

The scientific name for this mammal is Lipotes VexilliferLipotes means “left behind”, while Vexillifer means “flag bearer.” Interestingly, this dolphin is also nicknamed “Goddess of the Yangtze” as local fishermen and boatmen regarded it as the Goddess of protection.

Other common names for the Baiji include: Chinese river dolphin, whitefin dolphin and the Yangtze dolphin.

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Feel free to express your affection with any of these Gifts For Dolphin Lovers.

Drinking Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder: Gifts for dolphin lovers

Our Selection Of Dolphin-Themed Gifts Will Delight Dolphin Lovers Of All Ages.

When it comes to getting gifts for loved ones and acquaintances, there’s usually a thin line between getting the right item or missing the mark completely. But your chances are better when you have an idea about what the receiver is passionate about.

For dolphin lovers or marine lovers, you are in luck because we have created a list of the top 10 most unique gifts for dolphin lovers.

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The sudden transition from the sea to the cage is traumatic for dolphins. Here are the most common signs of stress in captive dolphins.

Dolphins at a dolphinarium: stress in captive dolphins

Captive Dolphins At A Dolphinarium. They Are Kept For Profit And Entertainment.

Imagine how you would feel if you were suddenly taken away from your friends and family to another place. No prior information. No warning. Nothing.

Worst of all, on getting there you are forced to remain in confinement against your will!

This is the plight of dolphins in captivity though their captors would want to convince you otherwise. The signs that a dolphin or other cetacean is undergoing stress are noticeable, some more noticeable than others.

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Did you know that dolphins could walk on land millions of years ago? Well, read these dolphin facts to find out more.

A Dolphin At Sea: Amazing Dolphin Facts

Though Dolphins Are Now Confined To Water, They Walked On Land Once.

Dolphins are one of the most fun to watch and well-known sea mammals today. Especially species like the common bottlenose dolphin.

We all know the usual facts about these animals: for example, their remarkable intelligence, and friendliness to humans. But, there’s still a whole lot of information that dolphin lovers would be interested in knowing. In this post, we’ve gathered some of the most amazing and entertaining dolphin facts for you so do read on to find out more.

25 Amazing Dolphin Facts

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