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The beautiful Irrawaddy Dolphin is severely threatened and is now functionally extinct in Laos.

An Irrawaddy Dolphin

An Irrawaddy Dolphin (Photo: WWF)

The Irrawaddy dolphin is a euryhaline species of oceanic dolphins, i.e. they can tolerate a wide range of water salinity.

Though very similar to the beluga whale in appearance, Irrawaddy dolphins are most closely related to the killer whale (orca). They are characterized by a large melon, no distinct beak, and a blunt, rounded head.

Their bodies are light gray allover and slightly lighter underneath, although some individuals range from gray to dark slate blue. Also, it has long broad flippers and short, blunt, and triangular dorsal fins.

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If you still need convincing that captivity is deadly to dolphins and other cetaceans, here’s the evidence from so many orca deaths in captivity.

Sumar: Orca Deaths In Captivity

Sumar While Alive At SeaWorld Orlando. (Courtesy:  

Animals dying is a natural process: we all know that. But have you ever wondered about the many orca (killer whale) deaths in captivity?

Why is it that none of them died of old age?

So far, at least 167 orca whales have died in captivity. And, they died long before their kind usually do in the wild. In the wild, these creatures can live up to 60/70 years for males and 80/100 for females.

In captivity, you’re looking at averagely 10/15 years.

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Dolphins are very inventive when it comes to hunting for food as confirmed by pods of killer whales stealing fish from Alaskan fishermen.

Halibut Catch: Killer Whales Stealing Fish

Alaskan Fishermen With Their Halibut Catch (Author: Kolmkolm/WikiMedia Commons cc by-s.a. 4.0)

In what looks like something from a comedy: pods of killer whales (orcas) are trailing the boats of Alaskan fishermen and stealing their catch. These highly intelligent and skilled predators are outwitting the fishermen at every turn in the Bering Sea.

The Bering Sea is a strip of water near the edge of the continental shelf between Alaska and Russia. Also, it’s home to almost 1,500 killer whales and a variety of tasty prey that attract humans and orcas. Especially the halibut, and black cod fish species.

No Laughing Matter

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Dolphins hunt for food unlike any other sea mammal. After all, what’s the use of all that intelligence if they can’t use it?

A Bottlenose Dolphin: Clever Ways Dolphins Hunt For Food

Bottlenose Dolphins Have Developed Several Clever Hunting Techniques.

Echolocating is the usual way dolphins detect prey in the water around them. But after detecting them, how do they actually get the fish from the water to their mouths? Certainly, the prey aren’t just hanging around waiting to get caught.

Using their superior brain power, some pods in selected areas have developed different hunting methods that are unique to that group.

Interestingly, researchers have seen that dolphins are coming up with new hunting techniques previously not known.

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Keep your favorite dolphin with you all day with these awesome Dolphin Tattoos.

As a marine lover, you are likely besotted with dolphins too. Those highly intelligent, friendly, Killer Whale Half Sleeveand playful mammals always bring a smile to everyone’s face.

If you want to see this amazing sea animal everyday, you don’t have to journey all the way to the ocean. Why not get a cool dolphin tattoo instead? It may be bold and fierce, or minimalist and cute.

We’ve got different species: from the sweet and playful bottlenose dolphin to the magnificent and fierce orca (killer whale).

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Here are some facts, and a video extract, of pretty much what really happens to keep the  Dolphin Captivity Industry going.

Dolphins On Display At Loro Parque, Tenerife, Spain: Facts about The Dolphin Captivity Industry

Dolphins On Display At Loro Parque, Tenerife, Spain.

There’s been a lot of argument about the dolphin captivity industry: some for and some against it. How do you separate the facts from the hype?

Are those against dolphin captivity just being sensational and trying to whip up sentiments or are their objections and fears genuine.

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