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If you eat dolphin meat there are a few facts you need to know right away.

A Plate Of Dolphin Meat And Potatoes

A Plate Of Dolphin Meat And Potatoes. This Is A Traditional Meal On The Faroe Islands. (Photo: Arne List. cc by-sa 3.0)

Dolphin Meat is flesh obtained from the body of a dolphin and in some parts of the world you can find it on display for sale in supermarkets and through meat distributors for human consumption.

The meat is dense and a very dark shade of red: So dark that it appears black. People who eat it may consume it raw or cooked usually garnished with onions and garlic. Others choose to cut it into bite-sized chunks and fry it or simmer it with sauce and vegetables. When cooked, those who

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These are the largest dolphins today and they are all referred to as “whales.”

Melon-Headed Whale: Largest Dolphins

Dolphins remain one of the most popular marine creatures among humans and that’s understandable.

Their friendly disposition and interesting antics makes us want to watch them as much as possible. But did you know that there are a number of marine mammals that you may think are whales but they are actually dolphins?

It’s not hard to see why this mix-up happens all the time especially as each one has the word “whale” as part of its common name. Also, these whale/dolphins are the largest in the dolphin family.

After the true whales (blue whale, gray whale, etc), the dolphins below are the largest mammals you can find in the waters.

The 5 Largest Dolphins Today

5) Pygmy Killer Whale

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Killer Whales in the UK haven’t bred in about 20 years and experts are trying to understand why.

Jon Coe One Of The Last Surviving Killer Whales In The UK

Jon Coe One Of The Last Surviving Killer Whales In The UK (Photo: (HWDT/Nienke van Geel)

If you were to count the most popular whale watching locations worldwide, the UK would not come top of the list. But around the British Isles, several species of marine mammals do make an appearance yearly. Marine mammals like fin whales and porpoises will appear from time to time.

However, Scotland’s West Coast is the native habitat of a resident pod of killer whales: the only killer whales in the UK. Unfortunately, scientists expect that the small pod of just eight

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The Wholphin is not a myth, it actually exists as these facts show.

A Wholphin

Wholphins Bear The Features Of Both Parents (Photo: Mark Interrante/Wikimedia Commons, cc by-sa 2.0)

In this world there exist some unique animals that pop up maybe once in many generations and one of them is the Wholphin.

This is a rare sea mammal that came into existence as a result of crossbreeding between a male False Killer Whale and female  Common Bottlenose Dolphin. Just as its name suggests, it is a product of the two marine mammals. Because of the big difference in size between false killer whales and bottlenose dolphins, many people are fascinated at how the two managed to mate.

The false killer whale scientifically is a member of the dolphin family. In fact, both these animals are members of the toothed whale suborder.

Although several people claim that they have seen  wholphins in the wild, this is an extremely

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The Striped Dolphin is a fast swimming and very cosmopolitan marine mammal.

Striped Dolphin Leaping Out Of Water

Striped Dolphin Leaping Out Of Water (Photo: Scott Hill, National Marine Mammal Laboratory. Public Domain)

The Striped Dolphin is another well-known and extensively studied dolphin member of the Delphinidae (oceanic dolphin family). Their natural habitat is in temperate and tropical waters all over the world’s oceans.

This species is quite similar in size and shape to several other dolphins in the same habitat it lives in. Some of its neighbors include the pantropical spotted dolphin and the Clymene dolphin.

Nevertheless, it has a few distinguishing features that make it easy to spot from afar. For

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The Northern Right Whale Dolphin is an exceptionally smooth bodied and slender species of Oceanic dolphins.

Northern Right Whale Dolphin

Northern Right Whale Dolphins Are Easily Identified By Their Slender Bodies And Lack Of Dorsal Fin (Photo: NOAA)

The Northern Right Whale Dolphin is a small and slender member of the Oceanic dolphin family (Delphinidae) that’s found in the North Pacific Ocean. They are highly social animals often seen in large pods of up to 2000 individuals. They also interact with other cetaceans species like the Pacific White-sided dolphin.

Along with the Southern Right whale dolphin, this species is often referred simply as “right whale” dolphin because just like right whales, they have no dorsal fin.

Northern right whale dolphins have a very sleek and streamlined build with a sloping forehead. In fact, they are more slender than other dolphins. Their bodies are mostly back with an

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The extremely rare Hourglass Dolphin is one of the smallest dolphins on our Planet.

Hourglass Dolphins In The Drake Passage: Hourglass Dolphin Profile

Hourglass Dolphins In The Drake Passage (Photo: Lomvi2/WikiMedia Commons cc by-sa 3.0)

The Hourglass Dolphin is one of the smallest dolphins in the Delphinidae family and it’s native to the freezing waters of the Antarctic and Sub-Antarctic region.

This extremely beautiful and remarkably fast dolphin is rarely ever seen. Consequently, not much is known about it to date. And despite decades of intense whaling and fishing in the Southern Ocean, just three individuals have been caught so far.

The hourglass dolphin has a black, compact shape with white and sometimes dark gray patterns on its body. Because of this coloration, it was called the “sea cow” during the whaling

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The close relationship between dolphins and humans continues from the seas to the screen in these Dolphin Movies. Zeus And Roxanne Poster: Dolphin Movies

Though dogs are described as “man’s best friend,” it appears dolphins are becoming quite friendly with humans too.

Among all the creatures in the waters, dolphins are the closest animals to humans and they are a constant source of joy and inspiration. Just watching dolphins play after a hard day’s work is enough to reduce stress in many people.

Their incredible intelligence and pleasant personality makes them ideal candidates for the big

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It’s almost unheard of for wild animals to save humans: but these stories of Dolphins Saving People say otherwise.

A Dolphin With A Boy: Dolphins saving people

Several Dolphin Species Are Able To Establish A Close Bond With People.

You may have heard or read stories in the past about Dolphins Saving People. Search online, for instance, and you will come up with several interesting stories that seem too good to be true.

Probably you’ve wondered if these stories were true, made up, or just myths. Well, be assured that you’re not the only one who has ever wondered about this subject.

Though when you really look it at, this shouldn’t come as too much of a mystery because dolphins and humans relate probably more than many other marine species do. Dolphin species like the Orca (or killer whale) and the common bottlenose dolphin in particular are some of the most common marine mammals you will find around human beings.

Some dolphins also help fishermen with their catch, and they frequently approach and play with humans in the water. Also, don’t forget that these are highly intelligent creatures with a

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The False Killer Whale displays a very unique behavior. It will approach divers in the water and offer them its prey.

A False Killer Whale And A Bottlenose Dolphin

A False Killer Whale And A Bottlenose Dolphin, Enoshima Aquarium, Japan (Photo: OpenCage/Wikimedia Commons cc by-s.a. 2.5)

The False Killer Whale is the fourth-largest dolphin on Earth (Orcas are the largest) and it’s a member of the Delphinidae: the oceanic dolphin family.

In case you’re wondering why they have “false” attached to their common name, it’s because though the false killer whale shares some similarities with the more popular killer whale (Orca), both species are in different genera. Nevertheless, they still share many similarities like hunting and killing other large marine mammals.

Also, just like Orcas, False killer whales are prone to stealing fish from longlines and this trait exposes them to slaughter by angry fishermen. These fishermen often hunt and shoot the false

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