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The La Plata Dolphin is one small but interesting looking animal; it has the longest beak relative to size of any cetacean.

La Plata Dolphin

Adult La Plata Dolphin (Photo: Pinterest)

The La Plata dolphin, or Franciscana, is a river dolphin native to parts of the coastal Atlantic waters of southeast South America. This dolphin is the only member of its family Pontoporiidae.

Strangely, although it’s a river dolphin, it’s the only one of this group that also lives in the ocean and saltwater estuaries. That’s quite unlike other river species like the Amazon River dolphin that inhabits freshwater exclusively.

La Plata dolphins are one of the smallest dolphins worldwide. In fact, they could easily hold the

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The South Asian River Dolphin is the group term for 2 subspecies of endangered and ‘blind’ dolphins in parts of Asia.

Ganges Subspecies Of The South Asian River Dolphin

Ganges Subspecies Of The South Asian River Dolphin (Photo: NOAA, Public Domain)

The South Asian River Dolphin refers to two variants of dolphins; the Ganges River dolphin and the Indus River dolphin.

Both dolphins are freshwater, or river, cetaceans typically found in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan and split into two subspecies. As their names imply, the Ganges river dolphin is

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If you eat dolphin meat there are a few facts you need to know right away.

A Plate Of Dolphin Meat And Potatoes

A Plate Of Dolphin Meat And Potatoes. This Is A Traditional Meal On The Faroe Islands. (Photo: Arne List. cc by-sa 3.0)

Dolphin Meat is flesh obtained from the body of a dolphin and in some parts of the world you can find it on display for sale in supermarkets and through meat distributors for human consumption.

The meat is dense and a very dark shade of red: So dark that it appears black. People who eat it may consume it raw or cooked usually garnished with onions and garlic. Others choose to cut it into bite-sized chunks and fry it or simmer it with sauce and vegetables. When cooked, those who

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Did you know that dolphins could walk on land millions of years ago? Well, read these dolphin facts to find out more.

A Dolphin At Sea: Amazing Dolphin Facts

Though Dolphins Are Now Confined To Water, They Walked On Land Once.

Dolphins are one of the most fun to watch and well-known sea mammals today. Especially species like the common bottlenose dolphin.

We all know the usual facts about these animals: for example, their remarkable intelligence, and friendliness to humans. But, there’s still a whole lot of information that dolphin lovers would be interested in knowing. In this post, we’ve gathered some of the most amazing and entertaining dolphin facts for you so do read on to find out more.

25 Amazing Dolphin Facts

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The Amazon River Dolphin is the largest in size among river dolphins and generally regarded as the most ‘intelligent.’

Male Amazon River Dolphin

Male Amazon River Dolphin (Author: Michelle Bender cc by-s.a. 2.0)

The Amazon River dolphin is a species of toothed whale and the largest in size among the river dolphin species.

It’s also generally considered as the most intelligent with a little less  than double the brain mass of a human being.

This dolphin lives only in freshwater: specifically in the larger Amazon River basin. Individuals grow pink in color as they age, therefore leading to the common nickname “pink river dolphin”. 

Hunting for use as bait is a major threat to these sea mammals. Also, loss of habitat and entanglement in fishing lines.

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