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The South Asian River Dolphin is the group term for 2 subspecies of endangered and ‘blind’ dolphins in parts of Asia.

Ganges Subspecies Of The South Asian River Dolphin

Ganges Subspecies Of The South Asian River Dolphin (Photo: NOAA, Public Domain)

The South Asian River Dolphin refers to two variants of dolphins; the Ganges River dolphin and the Indus River dolphin.

Both dolphins are freshwater, or river, cetaceans typically found in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan and split into two subspecies. As their names imply, the Ganges river dolphin is

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Did you know that dolphins could walk on land millions of years ago? Well, read these dolphin facts to find out more.

A Dolphin At Sea: Amazing Dolphin Facts

Though Dolphins Are Now Confined To Water, They Walked On Land Once.

Dolphins are one of the most fun to watch and well-known sea mammals today. Especially species like the common bottlenose dolphin.

We all know the usual facts about these animals: for example, their remarkable intelligence, and friendliness to humans. But, there’s still a whole lot of information that dolphin lovers would be interested in knowing. In this post, we’ve gathered some of the most amazing and entertaining dolphin facts for you so do read on to find out more.

25 Amazing Dolphin Facts

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The Chinese White Dolphin is a rare variety of dolphin with a distinct body coloration.

Adult Chinese white dolphin

Adult Chinese White Dolphin off the coast of Lantau Island, Hong Kong (Author: Leonard Redback cc. by-s.a. 4.0) 

The Chinese white dolphin is a rare dolphin variety of the Indo-Pacific humpbacked species. It inhabits portions of Southeast Asia and Australian waters.

Though they are called ‘white,’ they are really not white in color. Its skin appears pink because of blood vessels just under the skin which were overdeveloped for thermoregulation.

This pink color is most noticeable among the population along the Chinese coast.

They have a long beak, conical teeth, a triangular-shaped dorsal fin with a humped back, and streamlined body shape.

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