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Can Dolphins Detect Pregnancy In Women? Is This True Or False?

A pregnant woman in the sea: Can dolphins detect pregnancy?

A pregnant woman in the sea

In addition to many any of the amazing attributes and characteristics of dolphins, people working closely with dolphins observe that they can detect pregnancy in women.

What do the experts have to say about this though?

Remember that one of the most important attributes of dolphins is their echolocation. By emitting sound waves that bounce off nearby objects, dolphins and many other sea mammals

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Dolphin Intelligence continues to amaze. Here are some more amazing facts about these creatures.

Mother Dolphin And A Calf: Dolphin Intelligence

Mother Dolphins Commonly Pass Vital Life Skills Down To Their Calves.

Since the 1960s, and especially after the American television show “Flipper” and many live performances featuring dolphins, humans have come to realize that dolphins are intelligent creatures. But just how intelligent are these sea mammals?

Well, studies now tell us that the brain of a dolphin can be compared to the human brain.  And, it may even equal it, according to a study conducted by Laurie Marino of Emory University of Atlanta.

Compared to the several thousands of other animals on Earth, dolphins rank at almost the top

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