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The Taiji Dolphin Hunt remains one of the most infamous cultural activities to date.

The Village Of Taiji: Taiji Dolphin Hunt

The Fishing Village Of Taiji. Venue Of The Annual Taiji Dolphin Hunt (Photo: BD Padgett/WikiMedia Commons, cc by-s.a. 3.0)

Taiji, a southwestern coastal town of Japan got into the limelight after the award-winning documentary film, “The Cove,” brought the world’s attention to the brutalities facing dolphins there.

The small town is known for its supply of wild dolphins, especially bottlenose dolphins, to aquariums globally. Dolphins and whales are rounded up and slaughtered brutally for their

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The Striped Dolphin is a fast swimming and very cosmopolitan marine mammal.

Striped Dolphin Leaping Out Of Water

Striped Dolphin Leaping Out Of Water (Photo: Scott Hill, National Marine Mammal Laboratory. Public Domain)

The Striped Dolphin is another well-known and extensively studied dolphin member of the Delphinidae (oceanic dolphin family). Their natural habitat is in temperate and tropical waters all over the world’s oceans.

This species is quite similar in size and shape to several other dolphins in the same habitat it lives in. Some of its neighbors include the pantropical spotted dolphin and the Clymene dolphin.

Nevertheless, it has a few distinguishing features that make it easy to spot from afar. For

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