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The Pilot Whale is actually a dolphin and well-known for mass strandings.

Pilot Whale Spy Hopping

A Long Finned Pilot Whale Spy Hopping In Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada (Photo: Barney Moss/Wikimedia Commons cc by 2.0)

Regardless of their name, Pilot Whales are are actually dolphins. There are actually two species of pilot whale in the genus Globicephala. These are the long-finned pilot whale and the short-finned pilot whale.

They both have the same black or dark gray body color and shape. Hence, it’s almost impossible to tell them apart out at sea. So analyzing their skull structure is the best way to identify each

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Our Killer Whale video roundup features real footage of the apex marine predators at their element.

Killer Whale Video 2017

Our Compilation Of Killer Whale Videos Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat.

Killer Whales, or Orcas, are likely the most majestic, beautiful, yet frightening creatures out in the Earth’s waters today.

This is the ultimate apex predator and no other large sea creature is safe from it: Not even the Blue Whale!

Lucky for us, they don’t target humans as prey and can even be quite friendly out in the wild. So, we’ve searched for the most popular killer whale videos from recent years up till 2017 and

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Whales and dolphins have so many similarities that people often mix them up. But, there are clear differences between them.

A Pod Dolphins: Differences between whales and dolphins

A Pod Of Dolphins At Sea. They Are Smaller And Faster Than Whales

Whales and dolphins are both sea mammals that belong in the order Cetacea, along with the porpoise.

These three creatures have so many similarities that people often mix them up, especially as regards whales and dolphins.

Take for instance the case of the orca or killer whale, which is genetically a dolphin though it has ‘whale’ attached to its name.

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