Viral Killer Whale Video: 7 Of The Best Ever

Our Killer Whale video roundup features real footage of the apex marine predators at their element.

Killer Whale Video 2017

Our Compilation Of Killer Whale Videos Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat.

Killer Whales, or Orcas, are likely the most majestic, beautiful, yet frightening creatures out in the Earth’s waters today.

This is the ultimate apex predator and no other large sea creature is safe from it: Not even the Blue Whale!

Lucky for us, they don’t target humans as prey and can even be quite friendly out in the wild. So, we’ve searched for the most popular killer whale videos from recent years up till 2017 and featured 7 of the best you can find below.

Have a look at them.

Viral Killer Whale Videos Up Till 2017

1) Beyond The Tide: Kayaking With Killer Whales

This one of the most popular killer whale videos of all time. And, although the publishers uploaded it not up to two months back, it already has almost 4 million views!

This video is an episode of Beyond the Tide. In this adventure, Coyote and Mark go kayaking in the waters of the Straight of Georgia, the Salish Sea bordering parts of BC (Canada) and USA. They end up right on the water next to a pod of one of the largest predators in the world.

The killer whales even come close for a better look before swimming off.


Uploaded on Youtube by Brave Wilderness.


2) Freediving With Orcas Featuring Underwater Photographer Jacques de Vos

Jacques de Vos is a South African underwater photographer that has dreamt of coming close to killer whales from when he was a kid. Now in adulthood, he spends most his time freediving with the fearsome predators.

In this particular killer whale video, (shot in Norway) the expedition turns even more surreal when a humpback whale shows up for a curious look at Jacques.


Uploaded on Youtube by Reb Bull.


3) Pod Of 11 Desperate Orcas Trapped In Vast Ice

This incident happened a few years back but is still relevant because large sea mammals still get trapped in ice to date.

In a  remote village called Inukjuak, northeastern Canada, a pod of 11 killer whales were trapped after the water they were swimming in quickly froze. The ice covering the surface left just a small area of open water for the mammals to breathe through.

Rescue plans were abandoned because help was too far away to get to the orcas on time.

So, residents, the Canadian government, and the whole world watched helplessly as the animals ranging from 16 to about 26 feet took turns struggling for days to come up for air through the tiny break in the ice.

However, in an unexpected stroke of luck, the creatures dramatically freed themselves.


Uploaded on Youtube by ABC News


4) First Ever Adult White Killer Whale Video

Researchers working in Russian waters under the Far East Russia Orca Project spotted a one-of-a-kind dolphin: An all-white adult killer whale.

This is an extremely rare creature indeed. In fact, even when a few popped up in the past, none ever lived to adulthood. Researchers named this killer whale “Iceberg.”


Uploaded on Youtube by ODN News.


5) Orca Pod Hunting A Fin Whale

Nature can be cruel and watching killer whales hunt is a testament to that fact.

This killer whale video has already scored over 12 million views. In the footage, an orca pod chase, bite and drag down a a fin whale. Remember that despite its large size, the fin whale is one of the fastest whales in the ocean.

Although the giant creature attempts to flee the scene, the killer whales swiftly block its escape. It eventually succumbs to its attackers.

This spectacular predatory display was captured in the Gulf of California.


Uploaded on Youtube by Animal Wire.  Footage © The One Baja


6) Near Miss During Shamu Show At Sea World

For long we’ve been talking about the absolutely unacceptable practice of keeping orcas and other dolphins in captivity. The below killer whale video is a shocking example of the dangers captivity poses for humans and the animals themselves.

A member of the audience captured this video on November 15, 2006. It shows part of the popular Shamu Show at Sea World in San Diego. Apparently, one of the killer whales dragged a male trainer underwater and kept him down for some time.

And, you’ll notice the other trainers are in a panic trying to distract the other killer whales. Fortunately, the trapped trainer somehow makes it out alive though you’ll notice he’s clearly limping!

Even so, he could have been killed like Dawn Brancheau was.

It’s unbelievable that even after incidents like this one, Sea World and other dolphinariums still keep these creatures for show and profit.


Uploaded on Youtube by rrc00j02.


7) Killer Whales Charge Blue Whale

This is another footage of killer whales going for a whale. This time their target is the largest creature on Earth: the Blue Whale.

Drone footage shows the pod charging and striking a blue whale in a frightening and well organized manner. It occurred off the coast of Monterey, California.

However, researchers later said it appears the orcas were doing it to harass the whale just for fun.


Uploaded on Youtube by National Geographic.

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